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Education Catering

Providing a successful, high quality catering service to staff and pupils is about balance, and the achievement of a number of different goals:

  • Choice, variety and healthy options
  • Value for money and budgeted costs
  • Tariffs, pricing
  • Marketing and merchandising
  • Nutritional balance
  • Consistently high quality food and service standards

For many pupils, lunch is the principal meal of their day whilst for boarders, catering bears a much larger responsibility for providing a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Meal times should be relaxed and fun whilst also providing all the ingredients necessary to assist pupils concentration and learning.

Some schools prefer to manage their catering themselves, feeling that the extra control and direct influence is worthwhile, however for many, the additional responsibilities and workload is considered too onerous particularly as regulation and legislation has grown.

At CMS, we recognise the individuality of each school so offer a range of support services and invite Heads and Governors to select only those which best suit their needs.

Example Support Services:

  • Independent review and advice of your catering services
  • Design and project management of new catering facilities
  • Legislative and Standards Development and monitoring
  • Marketing and Merchandising, Smartcard systems, etc
  • Assistance recruiting Catering Manager and/or skilled catering staff
  • Purchasing
  • Risk Management and financial reporting.
  • Fully serviced Management Contract
  • and much more

Contact us today for more information on how best we may assist.

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